Mother Reaction Goes Viral When Her Daughter Was Belittle By This Old Couple For Having Kids At Such A Young Age

To the rude, old couple at Joe’s Pasta and Pizza in Weatherford, TX. tonight (09/21/2017) who sat directly behind us at dinner. It’s a shame you two don’t have anything better to do than sit there and judge people while they politely try to ignore you.

Let me answer your questions for you..

1. My daughter is not “barely 21 and popping out babies” she’s 28 and planned her family. Lucky for her to look so young, right?

2. She doesn’t live with her parents. She’s a homeowner.

3. She’s been married since 2011 (to the same man. I know, right😉)

4. She has a bachelor’s degree from UNT. (she’s not an uneducated country bumpkin as you tried to imply)

5. Yes the kids were a handful tonight. Their daddy is deployed at the moment (you know, so you can have the freedom to publicly bad mouth whom ever you like) and mom is doing her best to hold everything together but she’s tired.

6. The tattoo you strained to see but weren’t able to make out is a Hymn and a feather. A tribute to her brother who passed away too young. (we all have them)

Facebook/Kim York Whitmore

I’ll say a prayer for you tonight. I pray you are lucky enough in your lifetime to meet someone as awesome, hard working, and giving as she is. Also that you find peace with yourselves and learn kindness towards others. You never know what someone else is going thru.

I’ll say one for myself as well. I’ll ask forgiveness for all the things I really wanted to say to you.


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