Mr. Claus Calms Boy With Autism Who’d Been Too Nervous To Meet Him For 6 Years

It’s the holiday season and oftentimes there are families with children going out to see Santa Claus. With so many eager children to meet Santa, get a photo and speak with about what they would like for Christmas, there can be a few children that can get a bit overwhelmed. Likewise, those that portray Santa regularly during the holiday seasons, are likely aware of different situations that children may be going through if a meltdown was to occur. As a result, one Santa was able to see the signs of a child dealing with autism that prevented a meet-and-greet like all the children had experienced.

Facebook/ Sheila Weidner Seelye

Baiz Weerts is just 6 years old and he’s been eagerly waiting to meet Santa for a few years now. However, being autistic with selective mutism, Baiz couldn’t find himself to push through the anxiety to meet Santa. Instead, he would go with hopes of talking with Santa but would ultimately refuse to go up when his turn came up. Each weekend, Baiz would tell his mother that he would go up and meet Santa but still each time he would begin to shut down. That’s when the Santa Claus at their local mall took notice of Baiz and knew what was going on right away. When Baiz’s sister got done talking to Santa, he got up and went over to the young boy. With his selective mutism, Baiz couldn’t communicate but Santa just gently rubbed the boy’s back and talked gently to him.

Facebook/ Sheila Weidner Seelye

He even gave the boy a candy cane sticker. From there, the family went on their way. It wasn’t until Baiz got in the car that he began to express how happy he was that he met Santa.

Facebook/ Sheila Weidner Seelye

This was a moment that he wanted badly for years and finally, Santa took notice and came to him. Perhaps this little moment will stick with Baiz and he will have an even easier time when they go back to see Santa once again. One thing is for sure, the Santa Claus at the local mall was kind enough to take notice of the situation and provide a special moment that Baiz will likely never forget. 

Facebook/ Sheila Weidner Seelye
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