“My Husband Wrapped Himself Around Me In A Protective Stance Before The Surgery.”

Story by Terri McPherson

For the entire thirteenth year of my life, David Cassidy was my ‘one and only’, my soulmate. A larger than life poster of him hung on the wall beside my bed, and I would stare up at his face each night until I drifted off to dream. The tenderness of my age caused many uncertainties in my heart and my head, but one categorical truth remained constant. Fate and the moon and the mysteries of the universe were conspiring to bring me and David Cassidy together.

The blush of childish romance soon gave way to teenage affairs of the heart. I gave up waiting for Mr. Cassidy and started looking for my ‘real’ soulmate, the one person capable of completing my heart. When our paths finally crossed, we would know, in an inkling of a second, that eternity was ours.

My belief was tested to the point of confusion at many intervals. When I was sure I’d found ‘the one’ for me, I wasn’t ‘the one’ for him. More confounding, were the times when I was ‘the one’ for him, but he wasn’t ‘the one’ for me. Finally, I chucked the notion of soulmates out the same window I’d tossed fairies and unicorns, Santa and the Easter Bunny. Twenty years passed before the word entered my vocabulary again.

As we stood outside the entrance to the surgical ward, my husband wrapped himself around me in a protective stance. The kind nurse who’d come to take me in for surgery, allowed us one last, lingering hug before leading me away. My operation wasn’t life threatening, but the possible consequences weighed heavy on our minds. Letting go of each other was difficult, more so for him than me. I would soon be sound asleep. He would be left to walk the hospital corridors for four long hours.

A compassionate tap on my shoulder let me know it was time to leave. The doors to the surgical ward seemed large and ominous as they slid open and I walked through them. Standing on the other side, I stopped and turned around to face my big strong husband. He looked so lost and forlorn, standing there alone in the middle of the sterile hallway. In the few short seconds it took for the doors to slide shut, a blaze of clarity struck my soul.

Our life together had been built on mutual choices. We had chosen each other as partners, chosen to love, to trust, and to create joy together. The universe may very well have had a hand in bringing us together, what we did beyond that point was of our own choosing.

That tiny flash of time left me forever changed. I realized that somewhere among the pages of our history, rich in passages of shared memories, we had chosen to become soulmates.

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