“My Sister Burst Out In Tears And Demanded My Mother Punish Me.”

Source: Reddit

I was maybe 13. Little sister, a monstrous brat, was a year younger. She was also my mother’s little princess who could do no wrong. Sister often used this bias to her advantage.

So, father was working out of state one summer and agreed to fly us (mother, sister, me) to join him for a weekend.

Sister got the larger of the suitcases we had available. I got the smaller one. No big deal, but then she whined to mommie dearest that her suitcase was “too heavy.” I was told it was my responsibility to carry my sister’s luggage throughout the trip.

Little sister smirked at me as I hauled her bag to the car. Oh, and then I had to then put my own bag in the car. I stood in the driveway, waiting for them because they were always the last ones to get ready, I spotted a stack of bricks off to the side of the house. My father had built a bar-b-que and had leftover bricks. Cue the petty revenge.

I managed to get six bricks stuffed inside my suitcase. My sister had to carry it from the parking lot to the airport. When we disembarked, she had to carry it to the rental car, then to the hotel. The process was repeated when we flew back home. She complained each time but to mom’s credit, she made her carry the damn suitcase because I had my hands full carrying my mom’s and sister’s suitcase.

When we arrived home and parked in the drive, good ole mom told me to carry all the suitcases inside. I said, “Okay, but I have to take care of something first.” I then unzipped my suitcase and dumped the bricks before carrying it inside.

My sister burst out in tears and demanded my mother punish me. I was threatened with all kinds of things, but I think the only thing that happened was a scolding and a few threats if I ever did anything like that in the future.

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