Officer Shows Little Girls Why They Shouldn’t Be Afraid Of Him.

If you’re scared of someone, maybe it’s just because you don’t really know them, and often it can really pay off to understand someone before jumping to the wrong conclusions.

When you’re a kid, police officers can be kinda scary… even more so than Santa sometimes. So some police officers will go to great lengths to gain the trust of young ones. In South Hill, Virginia, 15-year police veteran C.B. Fleming was one of several officers who responded to a gas leak emergency at an apartment complex. Once everything was deemed safe, Fleming had some conversations with some of the residents.

One woman, Iesha Roper-Boswell, told Fleming that her young daughter and other children at the complex were afraid of police officers. That got the officer to thinking… what could he do to make those children not fear police officers. So he did something that maybe not a lot of other officers would do. He came by the apartment complex soon after the gas leak scare and found two young girls playing on the complex grounds with their dolls.

Officer Fleming walked up to them and could probably see the fear in their eyes. He then knelt down and asked if he could play with them. And the girls started showing him their dolls and talking about them. The officer then got on his belly on the sidewalk and played with the girls for awhile.

Later, he got down on the sidewalk with a couple of young boys who were working on some arts project. And he talked to them about it. Officer Fleming took time to get on the same level with those kids… and connect with them. And now, most all the children at the complex don’t view him as a scary person. They look at him more like a super hero.

Says Iesha: “It’s just amazing, the bond that he has with the children, especially around here. We locally call him ‘the South Hill Batman.” 

A false alarm gas leak turned into a full out play session in Mecklenburg Manor today! We definitely need more cops like him!!! Thanks for taking the time out to play with the kids!!

Posted by Iesha Roper Boswell on Thursday, 14 February 2019

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/cvWna2zO_xw

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