Officer Who Rescued Kittens From A Parking Lot Does The NEXT BEST THING

Stray cats can be rather normal to find out in the public. You can even find a litter of kittens with the mother cat not too far away watching of them. Still, it’s not every day that you go out and find kittens readily waiting to be adopted but that’s what happened for one officer. Officer Adkins from the Arlington, Texas police department had received a call for aid when a TJ Maxx store was shoplifted. Officer Adkins wasted no time rushing over with another fellow officer and resolved the issue. While TJ Maxx is a great store to pick up brand clothing items at a discount, there are not too many people stopping by the location to adopt kittens. As officer Adkins was making his way out of the store, he was flagged down by a civilian nearby. She claimed that there were some small meows under her car and didn’t want to back up as she feared that it could kill the kittens. Hearing the news, officer Adkins got down on the ground and started to search the underside of her vehicle. It was only when he realized that the cats were in the bumper that he noticed two kittens scared and hiding away. When the officer grabbed the kittens, he decided to take them inside his vehicle.

Facebook/ Arlington Police Department

It was there that the kittens would climb up on him and play. After a little bit of time, the officer headed over to the local vet where the doctors had given the kittens a clean bill of health. This is when officer Adkins has to make a choice. Officer Adkins was either able to bring the kittens to a shelter where they may get adopted or simply adopt them himself which he chose to do. So far, the kittens have been doing well and there is no worry over their safety.

Facebook/ Arlington Police Department
Officer Who Rescued Kittens From A Parking Lot Does The NEXT BEST THING.

Arlington Police Department

Posted by Untold Stories on Saturday, January 11, 2020
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