Photographer Shares Photo In Memory Of Loss Babies Everywhere 

Losing a baby is never easy. It’s a challenging and emotional moment that the parents have to deal with. Still, even if your baby doesn’t make it, they will forever hold a special place in your hearts. For one mother, her loss has sparked an idea to remember the child forever and to share with others her story. 

A mother by the name of Kacey McComas had a stillbirth for her son named Phoenix. It was a tough and emotional few weeks but a year later she was pregnant again with a boy they decided to name Ezra. During her pregnancy, she wanted to pay tribute to her son that was lost the year prior. That’s when she met a photographer named Stephanie Capps.

With the help of Stephanie, Kacey delivered her son and then used a rainbow ink pad to place it on his feet. From there they pressed the feet on a white plain paper to show small rainbow feet patterns. They are calling it a rainbow baby as a means not only to remember Ezra as a small newborn but to also pay tribute to Phoenix and any other newborn that was lost. 

This photo will be used to share online and give other grieving parents an alert that they are never alone. There are other parents that have to deal with stillbirths or a child that passes at an untimely matter. With this photo, there is a hope that perhaps grieving parents can open up and talk about the memory, joy and the unfortunate loss of their child. 

Source: Cafemom 

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