Rabbi Finds $98,000 Cash In A $200 Desk He Bought On Craigslist.

You’ve probably been hit with this question sometime before in your lifetime…. But I just gotta ask again: What would you do if you found a bunch of money? Would you keep it, or return it to its rightful owner? I guess the answer says a lot about who we are…. or does it? Here are 9 stories of people who found big money and returned it.

1. In New Haven, Connecticut, Rabbi Noah Muroff purchased a nice, study desk from Craigslist for $200. It was a good deal, but he actually got a WHOLE lot more than what he bargained for. As he was stripping out the drawers in the desk, he came across a bag of 100 dollar bills. Not just a few… but a BUNCH… $98,000 worth of 100 dollar bills, to be exact.

Oh, the things he and his wife could do with that money. But, hey, he’s a rabbi, and that just wouldn’t be right at all. So, he called the woman he bought the desk from and told her about his find.

She was speechless…. Well, for a few seconds anyway. Then she told Rabbi Noah that she had stuffed all of her inheritance inside the desk and completely forgot that she’d put it there. He returned the money to her and she thanked him profusely.

Rabbi Noah said he believes the most important thing in life is to be honest.

2. In Singapore, Sean Lee was chasing his 6-year-old son around on the playground when he decided to take a break. So he strolled over to a bench and started to sit down when he noticed a black pouch. He looked around to see if anyone was coming back for it.

When no one came, he opened up the pouch and found more than $10,000 in cash inside it. He was shocked, to say the least. And he even teetered with the idea of keeping it, but he knew that was just not the right thing to do, so he decided to wait there to see if anyone returned to claim it. And he waited. And waited.

Finally, after three hours, Cui Hua Bi returned, looking for his money-filled pouch, and Sean gladly gave it to him. Cui was thrilled by Sean’s tremendous honesty, and explained to him that he had been saving up the money over the last five months to send back home.

Not only was Cui happy that Sean was so honest, Sean’s own family could not have been prouder of him, with his son saying he wanted to grow up just like his dad. Now to me, that itself is worth a lot more than $10,000.

3. In Concord, California, an off-duty highway patrol sergeant was driving down a road in his own car when he had to swerve to avoid something in the road. He parked his car and went to check on the object, which turned out to be two big bank deposit bags that had tire marks on them. Obviously, run over by a lot of people.

When he opened them up, he discovered more than $120,000. The 20-year police veteran did the only thing he could do… he alerted Concord police and handed it over to them. Police were able to track down the owner and gave him the money.

The sergeant who found the money elected to stay anonymous, but said, “I am paid to uphold the law and it’s my job to set the example whether I’m working or not. I am happy to hear the rightful owner was identified and that the money has been returned.”

4. Cabbies certainly like big tips, but when cab driver Ruzbeh Mehta found $1,100 in his back seat, he had a pretty good idea that was not left for him. Last April, Mehta, an Indian man working for a cab company in Australia, was cleaning out his cab at the end of his shift when he discovered the money. He remembered his last fare was an elderly English couple who paid in cash, and he was certain it was them.

So, late at night, he left it with the night manager of the couple’s hotel, who signed a receipt for it and promised to make sure the couple received it. The next morning, the hotel called Mehta and said the couple was very happy at his honesty, and left him a $100 tip at the hotel as a thank you.

His cab company was also very happy about his honesty, saying Mehta is a testament to the kind-heartedness of society.

5. 10-year-old Tyler Schaefer of Kansas City was spending the night at the KC Hilton with his parents when he discovered a boat-load of money in a desk drawer. It was full of neatly stacked 100-dollar bills, amounting to $10,000.

Fearing it may be drug money, Tyler’s dad turned it into police. But if no one claimed it in 19 months, the money… was Tyler’s.

6. Daniel Clavette was driving his bus in Toronto when an elderly rider handed over to him a bag that was left in one of the back seats. When Daniel arrived at the bus terminal, he opened the bag and found funeral papers and $50,000 in cash.

He turned the bag into his supervisors and they tracked down one of Daniel’s passengers who had recently lost his mother, and the $50,000 was his inheritance. Daniel said he was just doing his job by turning in the money.

7. Some 30-odd years ago, an Ontario man stuffed a bundle of money inside the back of his television set and planned to use it….uhhh… whenever he got around to it.

But years went by and he just forgot all about that money and, he gave his old TV to a friend, who dropped it off to be recycled. When a worker at the recycling plant was dismantling the TV, he found $100,000 inside it.

Not something you typically find inside TVs…. Anyway, the worker tracked down the man’s friend and the friend returned the money to his buddy. He was really happy to get it back, although, he thought he had stashed the money elsewhere in his house.

8. Dan Kennedy was driving along State Road 80 in Utah when he spotted something fall off of the truck in front of him. It was a big, heavy orange bag, and he wanted to at least get it out of the way for other motorists. But it was so heavy, he had to drag it off to the side of the road.

It weighed at least 75 pounds… and for all he knew, it could have been a dead body. But when he looked inside, it was full of cash and had fallen out of the back of a Brinks Armored Truck. Dan turned the money in and Brinks got their money back.

9. 75-year-old Billie Watts, a grandmother in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, was using the restroom at a Cracker Barrel restaurant when she spotted a bag hanging from one of the stall doors. When she opened it, she found nearly $100,000 and a picture of two women. She told restaurant workers about it and left her number, but she kept the bag full of cash.

A short time later, Billie’s phone rang. It was a woman who identified the contents of the bag, so she and Billie decided to meet back at the Cracker Barrel. When they met in the parking lot, the woman ran up and hugged Billie, as Billie handed her the bag.

The woman, with tears streaming down her face, said she was so grateful that Billie had found it, because it contained the only picture she had of her recently deceased daughter.

The money in the bag was from the sale of her daughter’s home and all of its contents, and was going to be used so her daughter and her son could start a new life in Florida. Unfortunately, those new lives were cut short for the woman’s daughter and her grandson. Possibly some terrible, tragic accident.

Billie did the right thing, and even when the woman offered Billie a $1,000 reward for her honesty, Billie refused, saying she could never take anything that didn’t belong to her.

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