Rude Customer Was Taught A Lesson For Life When She Mistakes Customer As An Employee.

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So happened about a week ago. I had a meeting at work and was recently promoted so I decided to wear a collared company shirt I bought a couple years back with slacks and a nice set of professional shoes. My wife had given me a “honey pick up list” so after the meeting I stopped by America’s favorite, 2 in every town, store falldart.

Now it was a small list, 3 easily carried items, so I didn’t even grab a cart or anything. As I am moving through an aisle to grab the first thing a sweet little old lady asks for my help reaching something on a top shelf. No problem, she asked nicely, I’m tall and I don’t actually mind helping, my wife will actually see people having issues and volunteer me from time to time. It’s all cool. As I had it to her and she smiles thanking me I get tapped on the shoulder, one of those “boney nun finger” type of taps.

“Hey come with me. You need to take care of your employee.” Now, mind instantly realized I must look like a manager and a Karen found me. Still.

“I’m sorry ma’am I don’t work here.”

“I don’t care if you’re corporate or local FOLLOW ME.”

F**k it this could be fun. So I follow her and a couple aisles away is a lady tasked to do shopping for those online orders with 4 partially filled totes.

“I can’t find my sh*t and she won’t show me where it is. You need to reprimand this employee!” Poor employee tried to keep smiling despite looking so tired and fed up with life in general.

“Ma’am I’m sure she is just following the directions of her boss but I don’t work here. It does seem that you need some help though. Do you need my help?”

As I said that I pulled down and straightened the chest of my shirt in case of wrinkles and pointed to the slogan under the company crest ‘Helping individuals with disabilities in living independent and fulfilling lives.’ (I really do love helping people and work for a company that works with people with mental and physical disabilities.) She glanced down, got a confused look on her face and looked back up at me which I had been waiting for.

Extending one hand towards her “Ma’am, do you have staff or family here with you? Are you in need of assistance?”

She got red and started making a squeaky, choking noise. She then started looking really pissed but unsure of what to say. She finally clenched her jaw and just stormed off.

I turned showing my shirt to the actual employee and wished her a good day as she tried not to laugh. Sadly, I didn’t see or hear anything else from the lady the rest of my visit.

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