She Got Her Boyfriend Arrested For His Behaviour.

Source: Reddit

The other night at 12:30 am Tuesday morning my boyfriend punched me in the head and knocked me to the ground. I fell So hard and never saw his punch coming. I stood up and just looked at him. I couldn’t believe what he did. I grabbed my purse and told him I was leaving. As I was putting on my shoes, he said I know its over but I just want to tell u I’m sorry and keeled down to console me. I started crying and told him to please get away. I was so hurt and in so much disbelief that I didn’t call the police. I drove an hour to get home.

The next morning he text me and asked me if I was going to stop seeing him and I said yes. He asked me why and I told him I no longer trusted him. He got upset and started blaming me. That night my arm swelled up and started hurting really bad. Something must have happened to my arm when I got knocked into the closet doors before hitting the ground.

I ended up going to the hospital and had a hematoma. I left the Dr and went to the police station to press charges. The police arrested him yesterday. Two of his roommates told the police they heard someone fall that morning and it was very loud.

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