She Never Thought The Group Of Boys Will Defend Her Online.

Source: Reddit

Guys I had the most eye opening experience today. I used to be super big into gaming in the late 2000’s, and had a mic and everything to chat with people online. I would say maybe once every two games, I would be shit on for being a woman playing Xbox.

I would hear all the stupid shit like “make me a sandwich” and “get back in the kitchen”, and all the boys would laugh. Sometimes they would get downright aggressive saying they would kill me/silence me forever, etc. Even when I schooled them. I was never defended by anyone, as this was a norm for women in the gaming community.

I have recently got back into gaming often, and I was struck by the most powerful thing. I was in a group of 10 (random) guys and my friend, and this random dude starts yelling at me at the beginning of the game. He heard my voice and decided to go full incel.

He screamed about how I need to shut my mouth, he didn’t ask me to talk. We all kinda laughed because we thought he was joking, but he started taking it further, verbally abusing me because I was a woman.


Immediately the other men in the game start going at him. Yelling at him, making fun of him, and defending me. He was silenced pretty quick by this group of fantastic gentlemen. I have never felt so protected in my life. These guys made sure this guy knew he was doing wrong, and they all reported him after the game. As a female gamer, I have never seen such a quick response to misogyny and hatred.

Times are changing, roles are changing, and my god men are really doing the most for us ✨

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