She Taught Her Co-Worker Who Was Her Father’s Age A Perfect Lesson.

Source: Reddit

So first it was that he would tell me to smile all the time.

“Why do you tell me to smile? My face is not here for your entertainment”

“Well I guess I like seeing a smile on a pretty lady’s face”

“Have you ever told John to smile? Or Dave?”

“Well no… I … guess that is kind of sexist, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, yeah it is”

He hasn’t done it again!

So now I’m working on “Young Lady” Good morning young lady, hello young lady, I have a question young lady. (Admittedly he is old enough to be my dad)

So I started calling him Old Man. He got all offended and I said how do you think it makes me feel? So one day I sat him down and had a heart to heart about how it’s demeaning and invalidating. He said I remind him of his daughter and I said that’s all great but I’m not your daughter, it’s disrespectful.

He’s been slower to change this one but today as he was leaving said “Bye youn… Gretchen.”


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