She Was Mistaken As A Staff While Attending Husband’s Distant Relative Wedding.

Source: Reddit

I travelled to a wedding last Wednesday. The wedding was for my husband’s distant relative and my husband was the only person I knew there.

The ceremony was held on the beach and the reception was held in a pub just off the water front. The staff all wear full black. I was wearing a white lacy sleeved top and high wasted blue pants with large creamy/browny flowers with a full face of make up and cute high heels (nothing at all like the staff’s uniform).

After the ceremony, I walked through the reception area to go to the bathroom and another guest stopped me and snapped at me, “Where are the high chairs?” I was pretty shocked by how she spoke to me, so I mumbled back, “I don’t know” and tried to keep walking. She stood in my way, stopping me from walking ahead and responded, “I’ve seen them here somewhere. Where are they?” I responded again, “I don’t know.” And tried to walk around her, but she stepped in my way again.

She must have figured she was speaking too fast, or maybe she thought I had some kind of disability, so slowed down her speech and said, “Where. Are. The. Highchairs?” Tapping her foot on each word for emphasis. Her attitude was getting to me, so I was starting to feel a little sassy. I slowed down my speech and said, “I. Don’t. Work. Here. So. How. Am. I. To. Know?” Something snapped in her brain and she actually looked at me. Her mouth gaped a couple of times like a fish struggling for air, and she said, “Well I’ve seen them somewhere!” Then turned and walked away.

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