She Was Not Expecting This When She Went Midnight To Check On Her Daughter

For those who don’t know, we’ve spent the last 2 days in Arkansas Children’s Hospital. Sunday night around 9pm, I bathed my 6 week old daughter, gave her a warm bottle and laid her down in her bassinet for the night. I knew with her newborn schedule I’d be up again with her around midnight. I drifted off around 10.

At 1:15am exactly, I woke up suddenly (knowing I shouldn’t have slept that long) and went to Camilla. She looked like she was sleeping really hard so I put my hand on her.

She wasn’t breathing, was limp and she was ice cold. I started shaking her and yelling her name. She still wouldn’t move and her eyes were shut. I started screaming her name and shook the bassinet but she didn’t move. As I was screaming, her dad scooped her up and I saw how limp and gray she was in his arms and her chest wasn’t moving. I watched as he rocked her and begged her to move, but her arms and head were just hanging limp. He even put his face to hers to feel is there was any breathing, even if it was shallow. By the look on his face, I knew the answer. My baby was gone.

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I lost it. I was shaking, crying and screaming and just dropped to the floor hollering and crying for God to help my baby. All I remember is yelling “please Jesus help her! Make her breathe!” over and over again. I don’t know if this was seconds or minutes, but it felt like a lifetime.

At that moment I swear I looked at her and the color started going from gray to pink. I saw her arm give a small movement. I saw shallow breaths. I watched her come back.

SIDS is real but God is greater.

We’ve been at Children’s Hospital with her. She’s had every test done imaginable. She’s been monitored over night for apnea, scans, x-rays, even dieticians examining the way she eats.

The only diagnosis that all these tests was B.R.U.E.: Brief Resolving Unexplained Event

Even the doctors can’t explain how she’s here. No respiratory, heart, or any other issues.

I know I don’t usually share things like this, but I had to testify. My baby was gone long enough to go ice cold and gray but I saw the life come back. If you ever had any doubts, God is REAL! Through His Grace is the only reason I’m holding my baby girl today.

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