Single Mom Is SHOCKED To Find This About Her Foster Baby.

Adoption is a very special thing for any person wanting to be a parent. And when you adopt more than one, it’s pretty certain they will grow up with very different personalities. But what if those children are actually related BEFORE their adoptions? and here’s a story where an adopting mom got a pretty big surprise.

Katie Page’s bucket list always included having children. But since she realized she had infertility issues, that bucket list was altered with just being a mom, and adoption was certainly an option.

Katie, of Parker, Colorado, divorced in her early 30s, and actually cared for four foster children before meeting a one-year-old baby named Grayson, who was abandoned at a hospital. She instantly fell in love with Grayson and officially adopted him in May of 2017.

Just a month later, Katie was contacted about a newborn girl at the hospital, who also needed a home, as she, too, had been abandoned. Such sad circumstances for both Grayson and this little newborn, named Hannah, but Katie understood that those things often happen, and, personally, she couldn’t be happier to take both of them into her home… and into her life.

When Katie brought little Hannah home, she noticed the name of her birthmom on her bracelet. It was the exact same name as Grayson’s biological mother. It was a very unusual first name, so, naturally, Katie had to wonder. What she soon found out is that the mother lied about her last name on at least one of the occasions of birth and she was, indeed, the biological mother of BOTH Grayson and Hannah.

Medical testing revealed that, sadly, both of the children had been exposed to methamphetamines while in the womb. But DNA testing DID determine that Grayson and Hannah were actual siblings. And Katie remains their happy mother regardless of anything else. 

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