Soldier Is In Tears As He Sees His Wife Giving Birth On FaceTime

Brooks Lindsay was heading home for a leave from the military. And for good reason: His wife, Haley, was about to give birth to their first child. So Brooks was excited but nervous, just as any other father-to-be would be. So Haley’s labor was induced while her husband was on his way. But, as terrible fate would have it, Brooks’ flight got delayed significantly. And the baby just could not wait for him.

So Brooks slumped down in a corner of the Texas airport and did some video time with his wife. It was the only way he was going to be able to see what was going on. He was tremendously sad and depressed that he could not be holding Haley’s hand while she gave birth. But there was nothing he could do except view everything from his phone.

This Army soldier was on my delayed flight home yesterday to MS. He had to watch the birth of his daughter on FaceTime….

Posted by Tracy Dover on Saturday, May 5, 2018

A woman traveling with him understood what was going on and made a video of Brooks watching the birth of his child. Soon, everyone around him was aware of what was going on, so they gave him the space he needed for this very important occasion.

Here’s the video of Brooks Lindsey watching Millie come into the world 💞

Posted by Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey on Saturday, May 5, 2018

They shared in his sadness that he could not be there. His eyes were glued to the screen. And he cried when they announced that Haley had just given birth to a little girl. And everyone near him who knew what was going on applauded. A while later, Brooks was reunited with his wife, and got to meet his little girl.

Facebook/Haley Fritz Anne Lindsey

Says Haley: “When he walked in at 7:20 it was just Millie and me. He picked her up and held her for five minutes and kept saying “wow I can’t believe we just had a baby” but the entire time I was already dreading him leaving four days later.”

The post of Brooks watching the birth has been shared nearly a hundred thousand times.

Soldier Is In Tears As He Sees His Wife Giving Birth On FaceTime.

Credit :- facebook.com/tracy.d.dover

Posted by Untold Stories on Friday, January 10, 2020
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