Stranger’s Strong Reaction Seeing A Man Getting Abusive With His Wife.

Source: Reddit

Okay, so when I was around 12 or so, my dad and I were at the grocery store, picking up some food for dinner when we came across a couple who were arguing. The woman had a carton of eggs in her hands, and the guy was getting angrier as we slowly approached with our cart. As we drew closer, he started screaming at her, and she started rigidly staring at the floor.

We came up close to them, and the guy grabbed her arm, causing her to drop the eggs.

And just like that, my dad stepped in between them and faced the woman, asking her really gently if she needed help.

The guy started yelling at my dad, “Hey a**hole! This isn’t your concern.”

He turned around, stood up straight and tall and while looking him straight in the eyes said calmly “You’re not my concern. But her, I am concerned about.”

The guy walked off yelling, and my dad helped the lady get her stuff together and gave her some resources for where to go when dealing with domestic violence.

This legit changed my life. Knowing my dad would risk his safety to prevent violence from escalating, was the base for my little feminist spirit to grow.

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