Student Resolves His Uber Driver’s Daughter’s Problem Immediately.

Notre Dame University student Michael Skinner called an Uber to get him home. And Michael, being the chatty type he is, asked the driver how his family was doing.

The driver, Doug Anderson, told him about his 11-year-old daughter, Tori. He and his wife had adopted her from China when she was 5 and brought her back home to Indiana. He told Michael she was born with only one finger on each hand and it caused her a lot of embarrassment. They had checked on prosthetics, but they were so expensive.

Well, lo and behold, Michael, Doug’s chatty passenger, just so happened to work in the university’s engineering department, and worked with a team that creates 3-D printed robotic hands. And aside from that, they had actually been looking for a youngster who could benefit from their newest creation. And young Tori was perfect.

After working with her for a few months, Tori was fitted with a set of robotic hands. She can now throw a baseball and write with them. Father Doug could hardly express his gratitude to Michael and his team, saying “I think that God absolutely had his hand in this.”

So the next time you take an Uber, ask the driver how the family is doing. You never know what will come of it. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/vo4qduvH7wQ?t=284

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