Woman Who Lost The Love Of Her Life Due To An Alleged Drunk Driver.

Story by Amber Esala September 1, 2018, I was so excited to marry the man I couldn’t spend a day without! We’ve gone days, months, years without being together it was constant. Today was a send off to start our lives together as one! I remember being unbelievably nervous, I’m glad my dad was there to hold me up! I remember thinking why in the world are you so nervous you’ve known this…
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Emergency Nurse Gets Yelled At For Doing Her Job

Shutterstock About two days ago, around 7:30 PM, I accidentally cut my index finger with the big mirror I was holding. It scraped against my skin as it fell onto the couch. I bled out quite fast and the cut was deep, I called my dad and we drove our way to the clinic. I…