Teacher And Her Former Student Saved A Life.

When first-grade teacher Keller Sutherland of Greenville, South Carolina, was driving home, she spotted a youngster riding his bike in heavy traffic along Highway 25. She just had this weird feeling that something was wrong for the young boy to be doing that. So she turned around and started pulling up alongside the boy. She was shocked when she realized that youngster was actually one of her own students from the previous year.

The 7-year-old, named Cameron, told the teacher that his diabetic father had collapsed in their home. He wanted to call 911 but his dad’s phone didn’t work for him, and none of the neighbors were home at the time. So he got on his bike and was riding it to his grandmother’s house, some 5 miles away. He was very determined to get his dad some help, no matter what.

Keller immediately got on her phone and called 911 to get emergency workers to Cameron’s house. Fortunately, because of Cameron and Keller, the man was treated at the scene and was able to make a full recovery.

Says Keller: “I truly care for these kids, and on a day when I felt like I wasn’t making an impact, and then God just intervened and placed me where I needed to be in that moment for Cameron.”

And when Cameron was asked who inspires him, he said it was Keller. And Keller, of course, could not be any prouder of that. 

Ellen Woodside Hero

Teachers create bonds with their students every day. This week a teacher and student saved a life. Keller Sutherland was driving home from Ellen Woodside Elementary when she saw a child riding down Highway 25 on his bicycle. The child appeared scared and was peddling as fast as he could. Sutherland recognized the child as one of her former students. With her help Cameron was able to get home safely and contact first responders to revive his unconscious father.

Posted by Greenville County Schools on Sunday, 10 February 2019

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