Teacher Who Was About To Give Birth At Any Moment Was Busy Preparing Lesson Plans.

Most teachers do a really good job for their students. And some… do a little more, and here are 10 stories of teachers who were completely dedicated to their jobs.

1. In Fort Worth Texas, second-grade teacher Jennifer Pope was in labor at a local hospital, preparing to give birth to her fourth child. And all the while, she’s checking her students’ papers and working on lesson plans.

And when that big moment came… which was about an hour later… she handed off the school work to her husband, Andrew, to run it out to her substitute, who was waiting out in the parking lot.

Daughter Clara was born with a pencil in her hand, no doubt.

2. In the southern part of India, 44-year-old Abdul Mallik wades through neck-high waters every weekday just to teach his elementary class. It takes him 15 minutes to cross the river, holding his clothes and shoes above his head while a tire tube helps keep him afloat.

Once on the other side, he puts on his clothes and treks up a hill for 10 minutes before finally reaching his school. This has been his routine for the past 24 years.

3. Irishman Jonathan Aitken is 75 now. But many, many years ago as a young boy, he spent three years in a hospital that cared for tuberculosis patients. Many did not make it, but Jonathan did. And a few years back, he wrote to the nun who took special care of him in that hospital, teaching him the English language and preparing him for the world… if he made it.

Way back then, Jonathan was strapped to a frame bed and Sister Mary would use a “magic lantern” to project images onto the ceiling for Jonathan to see. Sometimes the lantern’s steel plates overheated and burned the nun’s fingers and she would say “Damn!” and they would both laugh because a nun said a bad word.

Later in life, long after the TB hospital, Jonathan became a writer, a cabinet member and a member of Parliament, and he thanked Sister Mary for all that she taught him and the kind patience she showed him through all those rough years.

4. In Columbus, Ohio, algebra teacher Mark Gaffney could see that one of his students, named Brad, was severely struggling in his class. So Mark did something quite unorthodox. He had a life size image of Brad tattooed onto his body. Needless to say, Brad and the entire class were shocked by it.

But Mark said he went through thousands of dollars and nine grueling sessions just so he could show his students that he cared, and that he wanted them to achieve their potential.

5. A lot of people love Harry Potter. So does Kyle Hubler a Hillsboro, Oregon middle school teacher. He’s been collecting Harry Potter since he was in middle school himself. So, he showed up early to school before it started and made his classroom his own, by transforming it into Hogwarts.

With plenty of wallpaper and props, the room looks every bit of the school of witchcraft and wizardry.

His students were extremely impressed.

Hogwarts 2017-18

I wanted to give my students a surprise this year and get them excited to come to class every day. Seeing their reaction made this all worth it! Music: Blizzard (PON I) by Kai Engel Music in this video can be found at: http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Kai… License: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/… No changes have been made to the music.

Posted by Kyle Ely on Saturday, 9 September 2017

6. In Iran, a young boy lies in a hospital bed stricken with cancer. But everyday his teacher visits him and catches him up on the lessons. They communicate through phones on the wall as a precaution for patients with contagious diseases.

7. In Chelmsford, Massachusetts, teacher Sharon Gallo-Dunn was diagnosed with colon cancer two years ago, and she has undergone surgery and several rounds of chemotherapy. During one of her visits back to school, she learned one of her students, 9-year-old Brodie was out after being diagnosed himself with cancer.

So Sharon quickly visited him in the hospital. After that, a few times a week, Sharon would visit him in the hospital to keep Brodie level with the other students on schoolwork. It lifted his spirits, and his parents loved it.

8. Many people have left Guantang, China, but the school teacher there, 54-year-old Yang Jinhua, says that even if there is only one student in the village, he will continue to teach. There are actually only two students left there.

And after a few hours of teaching, he spends recess time playing games with the two students before going back to class.

Yang has been teaching at the very isolated school for the past 35 years, despite offers to teach elsewhere.

9. In Essex, England, teacher Julie Genovesa passed out while at a movie theater. She passed it off as no big deal and put it behind her. But a series of medical tests soon after that revealed she had a disease that was killing the cells in her body. Doctors gave her only 18 months to live. Well, phooey on that, she thought, saying “There are too many pupils to torture first.” So back to school she went.

Julie outlived the diagnosis, but she teaches her students from a wheelchair and has to wear a ventilator. She is now paralyzed from the neck down.

Says Julie: ‘There’s no martyrdom here. I happen to be in a job I love and at a school with unbelievably supportive staff.”

10. In the middle of 2015, 34-year-old music teacher Liu Shengping invited his 20 students from Sichuan Normal University to his hospital room… for one final lesson.

Liu was dying from chronic liver failure, and only a transplant would save him. But he and his family could not afford the high cost of the operation, and two available transplant opportunities were missed because of this.

So this day, back in 2015 as his students gathered around his bed and started shedding tears, would be his last lesson, as his final dying wish. The lesson lasted only 13 minutes, but Liu wanted to impart to his students possibly the two most important things he knew.

First, he told them the best thing he himself learned was to always live a peaceful life. Secondly, and finally, he told them that the pursuit of materialistic things can distract them far from what is really important in life.

Rest in peace, Mr. Liu. You served your students well. Job well done, sir.

We are sure you enjoyed the above stories… watch for more: https://youtu.be/M6MWf7KZfzc

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