Teenager’s Heartfelt Reaction When Homeless Man Begs To Buy Him Food.

Source: Facebook

Today I was walking back from my 11:40 class. I was waiting for the light to turn red so I could cross the street. A homeless man was sitting on the curb as this guy approached the light waiting to cross the street as well. The homeless man asked him for money to get a burger (Wendy’s is nearby).

This college student stopped, opened up his backpack, and handed over his Tupperware container filled with grilled chicken and rice. Without even skipping a beat this guy (likely a broke college student like the rest of us) gave this man his lunch that he had packed himself for the day. He shook the mans hand and we crossed the street. I told him he had done a really nice thing and he simply replied with “that’s what anyone should have done. Just gotta give back”.

Facebook/Charlotte Gray Cannon

This reminded me how fortunate I am to not only have access to meals and food whenever I want/need but to also have a variety of options available to me. Thankful for this reminder today and thankful for people like this. The world needs more you’s, stranger. Couldn’t be more proud to be a Gamecock with you. 😊

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