Teens Helps The Wounded Elderly Man To His Home.

In Caldwell, Idaho, an elderly man named Jose Gomez was taking a stroll outside using his walker. Then, suddenly, Jose fell down. At that very moment, five teen-agers were headed to a nearby basketball court in a car and spotted the man fall. They quickly stopped the car and rushed over to Jose and helped him up.

Says Jose: “I was just falling down I don’t know what happened. They picked me up. I was walking just right and then sadly I went down, and they come up and said hey, want us to take you home and I said okay, let’s go. It made me feel good.”

After getting him to his feet, they all walked him home, making sure he didn’t fall any more. When they got to Jose’s house, they noticed one of his knees was bleeding. So after helping him inside his home, they got some napkins and applied some alcohol to his wound.

These young men – Victor Ornelas, Isaac Hernandez, Diego Ramirez, Devan Ornelas, and Josh Sorg – made sure that an elderly man who took a rough tumble was taken good care of. I’d say that speaks volumes about the young people in Caldwell, Idaho. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/qCckyp6A9Jg?t=114

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