The Moment This Man Surprised His Wife Is PRICELESS.

Surprises can be terrible or great. But when someone in the family who has been serving in the military in some faraway land shows up unexpectedly… I think I can safely say… THAT is about the best surprise someone can get, and there needs to be a lot more good surprises just like that.

In Topeka, Kansas, Cydney Cooper was going through a rough and exhaustive time. Her husband, Skyler, was serving abroad with the military, while she gave an extremely early birth to twin daughters, brought about by battling the flu. Then she had to split her time running back and forth to see her two young sons at home and her two new daughters at the hospital. It was very hard on her… stressful, to say the least.

The one who knew that the most was Skyler. He was far away, but he had a little surprise in store for his unsuspecting wife, and he’d been planning it for weeks. He messaged her asking her how the twin girls were doing, and Cydney wrote him back, believing he was somewhere in Kuwait. But he wasn’t. He was right outside her hospital room door. As Cydney sat in her hospital room texting her husband, Skyler walked in and walked up beside her. When she looked up, emotions took over, and the tears flowed. And Skyler had brought with him balloons and flowers in hand.

But really, all that mattered, is that he was there, and life could not get much better than that. 

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Posted by Cydney Cooper on Thursday, 7 February 2019

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