“Today I Almost Got Into A Physical Fight With An Old Lady In A Grocery Store.”

Source: Reddit

50+ old lady was being rude to the cashier calling her names. I was next in line (F25) I told her how rude she was being and how shocked i was for a lady her age to act like that and use those kinds of words. She directed all her anger at me and started calling me rly bad names in russian and cussing me.

When she was done with her groceries she mumbles how she’s never coming back to this store again the cashiers are awful etc. I said, that nobody wants her here anyways. Thats when her already red face explodes and she starts shaking from anger, by that point Im walking away from the til because i’m done with my purchase. So she’s walking behind me red faces shaking and flat out saying every swear word i know.

As she’s rly close to me I felt threatened this lady is fuming and approaching me. So I say in a dearing way “just you touch me” and I kept walking. If she had touched or tried to harm me I would have defended myself. When I walked out and I looked back one more time, she cursed and spat on the ground in a disrespectful manner. I showed my middle finger and walked away.

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