Waiter Was Surprised How This Father Handled His 3 Kids.

Source: Reddit

To the father who walked into my work with his three kids.

You ordered large fruit punches all around. The kids were so happy. You asked about our adobo pizza, said the kids were interested, I told you you wouldn’t regret it. The little one asked for a mini adobo fried rice omelette. You said whatever she wants.


I asked if anyone wanted anything else. The big kid wanted the lechon sisig cheese fries. You said before anything else, what was my total at. I told you you about $34. You politely said no, that would be it. I noticed the two $20s you had crumpled in your hand.

My father, raised me and my brother pretty much by himself and even though we struggled, he always made sure we ate. I lost him last year. Now I don’t know if these kids’ mother was not in the picture, or just at work or something, but it was just so nice to see a father being good to his kids.

I wish I could have given you those lechon sisig cheese fries. But all I could do was keep those fruit punches coming to your kids, who were chugging them down enthusiastically, but being so polite. I wanted to just take those fruit punches off your tab; I would have paid for them myself (I wouldn’t steal from work lol) but the owner was right there. I then wanted to give you big jumbo cups to go so your kids could take home all the fruit punch they wanted (something we offer to those who ask,) but I was rushed to cash you out.

All I could do was give you the best service I could, despite it being busy and other customers being demanding, and say, “Happy Early Father’s day” when I cashed you out. I hope that was enough to show you how much just you and your three angels’ presence made my day.

But the look in your eye when you said, “Thank you, I really appreciate it,” told me that you sincerely did.

Isn’t this a wonderful story? Pass it on to all your friends!!!!
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