Why This Waitress Ended Up Paying The Bill For Her CUSTOMERS

While working her regular shift one Thursday afternoon at a Ruby Tuesday’s in Concord, New Hampshire, 21-year-old Sarah Hoidahl waited on two National Guard female soldiers who just sat down for lunch. They told her they were looking for something inexpensive to eat because the government was shut down, and they were not getting paid. So Sarah got them what they ordered, and they had a nice lunch.

When it came time to pay their bill, which amounted to around $30, Sarah handed them instead a note. And that note read: ‘Thanks to the government shutdown, the people like you that protect this country are not getting paid. However, I still am. Lunch is on me. Thank you for serving ladies! Have a good day!”‘

Says Sarah: “They were so happy and that was worth it. Just seeing the reaction on their faces was totally worth it.” But afterwards, she was extremely shocked to find out the immense attention her note was getting on social media. The National Guard headquarters is nearby, so it’s not unusual for soldiers to stop by and be waited on by Sarah, but she had not seen these two ladies before.

It just so happens that Sarah’s manager’s mother-in-law is Diane Baxter, who is a chief warrant officer with the National Guard. Says Diane: “I was excited to come in this morning and tell General Reddel, my leadership, as well as the public affairs officer. Look, right here in Concord we have some really good young people still recognizing us for what we do.”

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