Woman Asks For Manager When Cashier Refuses To Take Back Used Lottery Ticket.

Source: Reddit

So I’m sitting on my lunch break and thought I’d share this gem that just happened.

So since miss Rona came to town I’ve been forced back into the world of retail. It’s been okay so far with the usual bs to deal with until today.

An old lady comes in and says “I need to return this” and throws 2 used scratch cards onto my counter.

Confused I scan them to check if they’re winners, which they’re not. I say sorry you didn’t win anything this time.

To which I get a look of pure disdain, “yeah I know. That’s why I want to return them”

“Yeah no thats not how scratch cards work, you can’t return un used ones, let alone used ones”.

She proceeds to kick off says she’s returned them before and the usual “get the manager NOW”

manager comes and spends 20 minutes explaining that no she cannot infact return used scratch cards and that she never has done such a thing in our shop, where she finally admits defeat and storms off…. Without her scratch cards….

The world of retail never ceases to amaze me.

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