Woman Calls 911 When She Sees 3 Snakes At Her Door Front.

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Officer Cummins would like to remind everyone that snakes come out this time of year, especially after rain. Please be on the lookout!

You can call 9-1-1 if you find one and our snake-handler trained officers will do everything they can to safely relocate the snake. #AustinPD

Due to the recent downpour we received in Austin, we wanted to put out this reminder. This snake was caught near Harris Branch Blvd and Magnus St. in May 2018. A woman called 9-1-1 after she opened her front door and three snakes fell from above her door, down in front of her. It appears they were trying to get to a bird’s nest — two got away. Ofc. Cummins caught this one and relocated it to a conservation area.

Texas Rat Snakes are known to “climb.” They are not venomous and eat small rodents. They’re a valuable part of the eco system. “Understanding they do scare people, which leads to them being killed, I relocate them away from people,” Officer Cummins said. “I do the same with rattle snakes if at all possible. We’re mostly called for Texas Rat Snakes and Western Diamond Back Rattle snakes.”

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