Woman Forgets Purse In A Hurry To Catch Connecting Flight…Gets A Surprising Response From Airline Staff

I took the redeye out of Anchorage this morning at 1:30 to Seattle. We were late getting out of Anchorage which left me about 25 minutes to switch terminals and catch my flight to LA and then onto Austin. In my panic I left my purse on flight 1.

All my ID’s and all my money. Everything.

Facebook/Lauren Whiteside

I noticed just about when we hit cruising altitude on the way to LA. Aaaand then I freaked. Full freak out tears flowing mode.

I first spoke with the flight attendants who basically told me to get in touch with my husband (thank God for in flight wifi!) and have him call Seattle airport lost and found. In the meantime they had the pilot reach out who eventually was able to find that they DID have my purse and tried to get it to me but was unsuccessful because of the tight connection. My husband was able to get them on the phone and they told him they would take it to baggage claim and someone would contact him to coordinate FedEx delivering it in a couple of days.

When “Eric” the flight attendant came back to check on me and I gave him that information he then told me to wait for him once we landed in LA.

When the flight landed I waited for Eric and he told me he had reached out to his friend “Grant” @ SeaTac who walked down to baggage claim, claimed my purse, walked it to the Seattle to Austin flight leaving shortly and gave it to the head flight attendant. He let me know my purse would arrive in Austin this evening about 30 minutes after I did. He then gave me a $20 and a drink to take with me (since I had nothing). Grant followed up with me on my cell phone once my purse was in the possession of the Austin flight for confirmation and then said he would track my American flight, and if there were any delays he would reach out to me and the attendant in charge of my purse to make sure we were all in contact.

Facebook/Lauren Whiteside

Alaska Airlines, specifically Eric on flight 466 Seattle to Los Angeles and Grant @ SeaTac; you have restored my faith in humanity today. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything you have done.

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