Woman Post Selfies On Social Media After Being Told She Is “Too Ugly”.

Melissa Blake wrote up a blog post about Donald Trump. Now, it doesn’t matter if the post was supporting him or against him. But what matters is the selfie of herself she posted with it, or, rather, the comments that selfie brought.

People were not kind to her, very disapproving of the way she looked. Yes, the comments on her looks were terrible. The 38-year-old woman suffers from a genetic muscle and bone disorder called Freeman-Sheldon syndrome.

Melissa is used to people giving her strange looks, and sometimes even whispering to someone else. But the comments on her post were downright cruel. And they hurt. But there was one comment that just broke the camel’s back, so to speak. It said she should stop posting selfies because she was just too ugly.

So Melissa fought back by posting three more selfies of herself. She posted them with an explanation of how she was treated after her previous post. Then, the Internet lit up, with thousands of comments. Only this time, they were positive. Her post has been retweeted more than 30,000 times. 

She has been a blog writer for 14 years and she finds that women are often the target of visual attacks when it comes to their photos. So far in her life, she has had 26 surgeries to fix her muscles and bones, as well as for her scoliosis, which causes her spine to twist in the wrong direction. But she does all she can do stay positive. And then those nasty comments come along.

Says Melissa: “I’d be lying if I said they didn’t bother me and it’s hard not to get down on yourself,. These people are just sitting at home hiding behind their keyboards. I don’t think they would say half of what they say on the internet to someone’s face.”

But her biggest hope is that she brings a voice to others who have to deal with the same terrible thing. And that that voice goes an awful long way to making it stop.

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