Woman Suffering From Severe Massive Anxiety Attacks Never Thought The Stranger To React Like This To Her Situation.

Thank you. I was (and still am) having a massive anxiety attack. You saw me bent over the railing by a set of concrete stairs, panting and holding my chest, praying to God under my breath to make it stop. You came over and started coaching me.

“Five second breath in, ten seconds out. Look at the little waves in the lake, and pay attention to the cool wind on your face. Look at the ducks and geese. Deep breaths. Deep breaths. I promise you aren’t dying. It’s just anxiety. It will pass.”


You informed me that you were a psychologist, and understood exactly what I was going through. You stayed with me until I could stand on my feet again, and made sure I made it to my car safely, which is where I’m at right now, bawling my eyes out and shaking, but okay.

Generalized anxiety disorder sucks. I wish I didn’t have it. But, thank God for people like you. You didn’t lecture me. You didn’t ask me if I’d tried XYZ. You didn’t ignore me. You didn’t give me any judgmental looks. You simply saw a teenage woman in distress, and made sure to help calm me down so I could continue on my way.

I’m still anxious, but my heart no longer feels like it’s going to beat out of my chest. I’ve regained control over my breath, and am simply waiting out the rest of the attack before driving home. The worst is over, though I doubt I’d be in my car typing this up if you didn’t stop to help me.

We need more people like you.

Thank you.

Source: Reddit

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