Woman’s Face Turns Red When Employee Decides To Check The Store Camera.

Source: Reddit

A couple days ago I saw My friend at the same store I was at, while my mum was getting other groceries I was getting ingredients for the next days dinner

We started talking and soon enough Enter Karen

Karen to Me: Excuse me can I get to that fridge behind you

Me: um yea no problem

She was wearing her hair up in a bun with a pen and she had the casual “Karen look” with a jean jacket, red shirt, and jean pants

We move out of the way and she gets her milk by reaching around from the door behind us to the one that was open where she was I look at what she’s doing a bit confused but return to my conversation

She eventually gets the milk jug wedged extremely tight and continues to vigorously yank on the jug handle and gets frustrated at why it’s not coming out


Me: you know theres a door that is more convenient to get the milk out from

Karen: I know how to get milk out of a fridge!

Me: ok then

My friend to me: obviously not

We laugh and Karen gets mad so she takes the pen out of her hair and stabs the milk jug

It sprays all over my friend and a small amount at me

I get mad and yell at her about what the hell she was thinking

She smirks and stabs another milk jug and another

She was on a rampage she starts lobbing the entire 1/2 jugs after a while she smugly says

“Who can’t get a milk jug now”

My friend and I were about to leave to tell the store staff but she ran off with her cart laughing like a maniac

We thought she had gone mad from a simple joke

We go to the front of the store to tell someone and we run into the Karen, she points to us and says

“There are the two who made the mess with the milk, they have it all over them so it only makes sense” the employee looks at us and asks if this is true as Karen had milk on her jacket as well

We tell him it’s not true and our side of the story, Karen deny’s it so the employee just shrugs and says

“Guess I’ll just check the security cameras”


The color of Karens face runs like water

Karen: ummmmm sorry but I have my son at home so I should probably get back to him

She starts to run but my friend stops her and the employee gets just calls the manager of the store

Eventually the manager finds the footage of her making the mess and tells the Karen unless she cleans up her mess and pays he’s calling the cops

The Manager calls the cops anyway and both my mum and her parents find us and the manager explains

We leave the store and we still can’t forget her face when she knows she’s been caught

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