Woman’s Reply To Boss Email Is Worth Reading.

Source: Reddit

Yesterday I received a job offer for a company I have been applying to for over a year. It’s a 3 dollar raise with opportunity to make 30 an hour after some time. Well they are on a crunch for time so I was only able to give 1 week notice to my current employer. I already have a vacation day off during that week so all together 3 days off of a 2 week notice. Received an email from my current boss letting me know if I don’t reconsider and change it to the 2 weeks I will not be hirable back at that company as well as not be given a good recommendation.

So I emailed back, “okay I’ll leave now.” I got to collect my things and give all of my wonderful coworkers hugs and well wishes. (They all agreed with me leaving) So I now have a week free to hang out with my dogs and my boyfriend before I start a new job!

Don’t threaten me. Now the 1 week notice turned into a one day notice 😉

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