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A Bus Driver Tried To Scare This Little Girl

Some kids on Mindy’s school bus were bullying her. By the time the 5-year-old got home, she was traumatized. And it really upset her mom, Samantha. But the kids weren’t the only problem. Mindy’s bus driver blamed the problem on Mindy herself, and threatened to call the police on her if she didn’t calm down about it. Says Samantha: “My 5-year-old had her first bullying…

Woman Saves Butterfly In The MOST AMAZING WAY EVER.

As rough as this big old world can be, there are many acts of kindness out there. And many have to do with small critters, and here are 10 stories of acts of kindness to the little ones. 1. Before Romy’s mom died 20 years ago, she told her daughter, “whenever you see a butterfly, know that I’m there with you, and that I love you.” ROMY MCCLOSKEY So, naturally, Romy is going…
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