After His Partnered Dared Him A Patrol Officer With Outstanding Voice Sings For A Crowd

Law enforcement are everyday heroes. They go out daily with the intention of helping those in need and keeping the cities safe from harm. Still, some people may have a hard time seeing officers as individuals. So when a new video came out showing one officer entertaining a crowd, it really helps shine some great light with a local police department. Best of all, the entire impromptu performance was captured on video.

The local police department in Portland Maine has an officer that is blowing people away with his incredible voice. One day Jeremy Turner, a police officer for Portland was on patrol with his partner when he was dared to go into the park and sing a song. It was likely something the partner didn’t believe Jeremy would do but he accepted the dare and trotted over into the center where his partner started to record him.

That’s when officer Jeremy Turner started to sing a Christmas classic, “O Holy Night” which has gotten the attention of others in the area. While singing, it seems people stopped what they were doing and began to watch as Jeremy continued on with his song. 

Apparently, Jeremy felt rather embarrassed at the start of the song and the end, but he was certainly in his element. Before joining the police force, the now famed officer was a music major at the University of Southern Maine. The video being shared around online certainly shows that Jeremy has the chops to be a great singer.

But for now, it looks like Jeremy is happy being a police officer and keeping citizens safe. Still, at the end of the video, you can hear plenty of people applauding him. Likewise, the video has been circulating online with thousands watching the performance and sharing it with their followers. 

Portland PD Singing Police OfficerThis last Saturday evening while on a winter footbeat Off. Jeremy Turner showcased one of his lesser known (at least around the department) talents. It seems his impromptu performance was well received, we hope you enjoy it as much as the crowd did..Thank you Off. Keller for filming this amazing performance.Please feel free to share this video. #singingpoliceofficer

Posted by Andrew Hutchings on Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Source: WGME

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