Engineer Stopped The Train Seeing A Dog Tied To The Tracks.

Andres is a train conductor, and was driving his train through the Valparaiso region of Chile when he spotted something on the tracks ahead of him. His concern grew when it didn’t move at all as the train got closer. So he slammed on the brakes. Facebook/Andres Fabricio Argandoña Tapia When he stepped off the train to inspect the object, he started videotaping with his phone. As he got…
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Pup Begs Police Officer To Be Adopted.

Police often depend on the trusty dogs in their K9 units so it’s no wonder they’re always on the lookout for good candidates, and sometimes those candidates can lead to other never thought of activities. Every now and then, we might see a puppy wandering out…

Pit Bull Dies Protecting Kids From Venomous Snake.

We love our animals, and we will protect them as much as we possibly can. And they can protect us just as well. Sometime back, the Oriley family adopted a pit bull puppy, and they named him Zeus. They just loved him to pieces. Just a few months later, the family’s…