Mother's Self Defense Trick Saved Her Life From Something Terrible.

Source: Reddit Before I tell you, please note that I by no means suggest you follow my example nor do I hope that your life ever gives you a lemon sour enough that this “solution” is your best shot. I did not plan for this and I did not go out of my way to end up in this situation. My mom was a punk rocker in the 80s and had a bit of rough upbringing. Because of that she had many…
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Professor Pulls Down The Bully To Her Knees.

Source: Reddit Not my story, but was shared to me by my math professor. One semester, the professor had a girl in his class that was full of herself. Boasting to everyone how pretty she was, putting other girls down, just being extremely unpleasant. In my…

This Alcoholic Has Turned His Life Around.

Source: Reddit 1000 days ago I made a decision that saved me. I quit alcohol. For years before it had been my only friend in the lonely depths of mental illness and misery. I don’t have a memory for a period of about 3 years where I didn’t have a drink in my hand…