Classmates Didn’t Show Up For His Birthday Party Finally Gets An Unbelievable Surprise.

What happens when no one shows up at a little boy’s birthday party? Sadness. That’s what happens, and here’s one family’s experience. 

A six-year-old from Arizona has been showered with support on social media after a heartbreaking photo of him sitting alone at his birthday pizza party went viral. 6-year-old Teddy Mazzini invited 32 of his classmates to celebrate his birthday at a restaurant in Tucson, Arizona. But, sadly, not one of them came by to wish him well and help him celebrate.

A photo was posted on Facebook of Teddy sitting at a long table surrounded by many empty paper plates. It was a sad picture, indeed. But something very good came out of it. It went viral and quickly caught the attention of the community. Then, the Phoenix Suns NBA team and Phoenix Rising MLS team invited Teddy to celebrate his birthday a little late at their upcoming games.

Sil Mazzini, Teddy’s mom, said 32 party invitations had been sent out to her son’s classmates and their parents. A few said they wouldn’t be able to make it. But the rest of them – most of them – didn’t even take the time to respond.

Says Sil: ‘I’m done with parties for a while.’

But, she did read to Teddy the many birthday wishes from people after his photo went viral. Some, however, accused Teddy’s mom of shamelessly seeking attention.

One wrote: ‘Sounds like a poor attempt to get sympathy and or gift using social media. I highly doubt if the mother planned the party correctly nobody would show up. Plus what Mother invites the entire class? She set him up for failure and then publicized her accomplishment to shame him more. Sad.’

Another wrote: ‘Something is wrong here. First of all why didn’t they ask for RSVP? Plus not much pizza was ordered for that many.

Now personally, I don’t think Teddy’s mom was looking for any attention; she just wanted her son to have a nice birthday. What are your thoughts? 

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