Father Uploads Hit Dance Challenge With His Three Daughters

You all have seen those viral dance challenges. The movements are fluid and it gets friends, families coworkers, and even strangers involved. It’s a nice little mood booster that keeps people smiling as they shake to the beat. For one father, he decided to make a fun little video with his three daughters to surprise his wife. What he didn’t expect was nearly a million views racking up and sparking a challenge with others online.

Johnny was left with the girls as his wife and their mother was out of town. To give a little surprise to their loved one away, they opted to dance along with the song The Git Up by Blanco Brown. It’s a mixture of country and rap which causes the listener to dance along with the beat performing different moves.

Johnny & His Three Daughters | YouTube

Dancing with his girls, the family was doing something they thought would be harmless fun likely not be seen by very many people. Well, while it is harmless fun, the video was seen by nearly a million people and it’s started quite the challenge. Now everyone is throwing up videos online with their own take on The Git Up dance challenge. 

You’ll be surprised by how many people are enjoying this dance, but if you haven’t seen it or know just what the movements are, Blanco Brown uploaded his own video to showcase the different dance moves. 

What do you think of the viral dance video that’s been viewed by hundreds of thousands? Let us know by leaving a comment down below. If you have yet to see the video, check out the dance done by Johnny and his three girls with the video player embedded below.

Source: Shareably

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