Father Was Furious When Son Wasn’t Invited To Any Of His Classmate’s Birthday Parties.

When you’re a kid, one of the greatest joys is having a party OR, maybe even more so, being INVITED to a party. Sadly, some children are excluded because… they’re a little different, and here are 8 stories of youngsters who were never invited to parties.

1. In Newcastle, England, one dad became extremely upset when he realized his 6-year-old autistic son was not invited to any of his classmates’ birthday parties, saying “Reilly has autism, not f….ing leprosy. Not one invite. Not F…ing one.”

Shane Stephenson posted his furious message on Facebook when he discovered that many of his son’s classmates were intentionally not inviting him to their parties.

Reilly’s mom, Christine, tweeted her husband’s strong message, and it was retweeted more than 2,000 times.

2. A little boy in Christchurch, New Zealand, has trouble making friends because of his congenital scoliosis. Young Jonty was also born without some of his ribs and quickly runs out of breath. He also has a speech delay and limited motor skills. And other children his age just don’t know how to deal with him. So they never invite him to their birthday parties.

Several children were invited to his fifth birthday party, but none planned to show up. Fortunately, a charity called SmileDial stepped in and threw Jonty a big celebration, inviting any and all children to come. Hopefully, many did.

3. The following is a short story written by a mother whose son did not receive a birthday party invitation from one of his friends. It does contain a little colorful language so please be prepared for that:

His little shoulders heaved as he gulped big breaths of air and tears streamed down his face. “Mom, it isn’t fair. Why was I the only one who didn’t get one?” My 7-year-old son was devastated, and I was pissed.

He had just jumped off the school bus and came running into to the house, dropping his backpack on the kitchen floor before he blurted out that he hates his best friend and never wants to talk to him again, and he is definitely not letting him play with his new remote control car. As it turns out, my son was the only child in his little tribe of close friends — all practically brothers like the Lost Boys — who was not invited to a highly anticipated, much-talked-about birthday party.

As a parent, there is nothing worse than watching helplessly as your child experiences their first pains of social disappointments and heartache. For my son, that meant knowing and feeling that he was being excluded — for reasons we did not understand at the time — and he knew that it really sucked.

As for me, I was angry on my son’s behalf. I wanted to pick up the phone, call the parent and say, “What the f**k, lady? We invite you and all your kids to everything, we make special time for your child and mine to hang out, why would you hurt my kid like this?” But I didn’t. I couldn’t. I cannot fix everything for my child, and honestly, I still wasn’t entirely sure that my kid’s invitation wasn’t simply lost in the mail.

But then I saw it, the Facebook posts flying back and forth about how excited the other kids were, and what would the birthday boy like for his special day? I was seething pissed again. Should I hit like on a status update to passive-aggressively let all those a-holes know that I know that they excluded my kid? No. That would make me a jackass.

So I did nothing. I ignored the cutesy Facebook posts and tucked away my inner mama bear and prepared some words of wisdom for my boy who was feeling about as low as I had ever seen him.

Being excluded hurts, but when you’re a little kid and you’re not equipped with years of life experience, the rawness of that first sucker punch is often enough to stick with you — maybe forever. I still remember being the only girl in my class not invited to a slumber party that included watching a coveted VHS tape of New Kids on the Block. To this day, I remember the bitter taste of feeling kind of humiliated and kind of sad and mostly confused and hurt as a kid. Sitting alone at home, knowing everyone else was having fun without me. So I know that my child’s tears and heartache are real. And that this kind of thing matters.

I went up to my son’s bedroom where I found him tinkering with a science experiment at his desk. I put my hands on his shoulders and told him how much I love him, and then I sat down and explained a few things about how groups of friends work. Sometimes friends do boneheaded things. Sometimes friends make mistakes. And sometimes, they do hurtful things like leave you out. We talked about how important it is to not throw a friendship away over something like this, that a party is not what defines a person. We made a plan to set up a fun playdate and just keep moving forward with life and let this setback be just that — a setback and a learning experience.

I gave my kid the best pep talk that I could summon, and by the end, he agreed that a true friend would forgive. He could be the bigger person here, and we would have fun on our own that day.

Two days later, I got a Facebook message from my son’s BFF’s mom. “Hey, lady! I couldn’t figure out why you hadn’t RSVP’d yet and then I found the damn invitation stuck at the bottom of Carl’s backpack! I’m sorry. I really hope you guys can make it!”

And there it was. And damn, I was glad I didn’t call her up cursing or make a jackass of myself on social media. My kid wasn’t excluded after all, but he got one helluva valuable lesson in the proper care and maintenance of first-grade friendships.

4. In South Australia, media personality Andrew Costello heard about a boy who had never been invited to a party. So he decided to do something about that. Andrew invited 100 children who had never been invited to parties to his own birthday party on Dec. 17 to celebrate with him at the Adelaide Zoo.

They all had a great time. And Andrew made sure of that.

5. In Shakopee, Minnesota, Mackenzie was about ready to turn 10 on April 18th, and her mom had sent out of bunch of invitations to her birthday party. Several days went by without any response from the parents of those who were invited. Mackenzie’s mom, Jenny, wondered if it was because her young daughter was afflicted with speech and learning difficulties.

So she made a post to Facebook to those mothers of the children who were invited. She talked about how incredibly loving Mackenzie was and how she desperately wanted to have friends at school… and that she often plays alone on the playground at school.

Jenny went on to say, “As a mother, it is heartbreaking, you want your children to be happy. I’m reaching out to moms who have daughters between the ages of 9-11 that would love to come to a birthday party tomorrow from 11 to 1:30. You don’t have to bring gifts or stay long, just stop by and wish her a happy birthday.”

A short time after the message was posted, two girls’ moms messaged that they would be there. Then, Mackenzie’s mom’s message started being shared… a lot. It went viral. Channel 4 called her wanting to do a story on the birthday girl. Then Channel 9. As the story spread, Jenny was inundated with messages from people offering donations of food, entertainment, performers and gifts.

All of a sudden, well more than 100 children and adults had planned to attend Mackenzie’s party. But they did not have room for all those people. Then, the mayor himself contacted Jenny and offered space at one of the parks for her birthday. Perfect.

When Mackenzie’s birthday arrived, so did more than 500 people – young and old – to help her celebrate it in the park. All this because a loving mother asked for the simplest show of kindness from a few friends to her daughter on her birthday.

6. Young Sawyer has Down Syndrome, and he was the only child in a class of 24 not to be invited to a schoolmate’s birthday party. So his mom wrote a letter to that student’s mom on Facebook. She told her she wasn’t mad at her but wanted to educate her on children with Down’s Syndrome, saying they want to have close relationships and they want to feel love, they want to contribute and have meaningful lives, and they want to go to birthday parties.

In other words, in so many ways, they’re just like everyone else. Her letter was shared more than 2,500 times and liked more than 5,000 times. The mother the letter was aimed at spoke to her child about Sawyer, and he created a very special invitation for him to come to his birthday party.

7. When Katie Koullas found out her 6-year-old autistic daughter was the only one in her class not invited to a birthday party, she was devastated. And so was her daughter. So Katie created the Yellow Ladybugs, a non-profit that hosts birthday parties for girls with autism.

She posted a Facebook page with a call out to all girls with autism. It now has more than 10,000 followers, and thousands have signed up to help with these birthday parties.

8. Tricia’s son, Timothy, has autism, but he has actually been invited to many of his classmates’ parties. Very nice of them, but Tricia turned them down… all of them. Her reason was that Timothy might have a meltdown and scare the other children, and it would definitely take the spotlight away from the birthday kid, so she politely declined everytime, saying “he won’t be able to make it.”

And then, one day, she received an invitation from the mother of one of Timothy’s good friends in school. It read: “Carter sits beside Timothy at school and he always talks about him! I really hope he can come. We are renting a bounce castle that we can attach a small bounce slide at the bottom. We will also have water balloons and water guns. Maybe Timothy can come earlier in the day if it would be too much with the whole class. Let me know so we can make it work.”

After reading the letter, Tricia was brought to tears, and for the first time ever, she could respond: Hell yes!

We are sure you enjoyed the above stories… watch for more: https://youtu.be/xkYfcmleXU0

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