Here’s Why This Teenager Stood For 2 HOURS In The Sun For A Stranger.

Teenagers can really surprise us sometimes. And sometimes, they can even inspire us, and here are 10 stories of inspiring teenagers.

1. Many spotting an elderly person standing in the sun at a bus stop probably wouldn’t think much of it. But Louis Jordan did. Louis was picking up his mom from work in downtown Houston when he caught sight of an elderly woman in her wheelchair waiting for public transportation.

It was unbearably hot that day, and there was no shade around. So Louis picked up his mom, got an umbrella out from the car, and held it over the woman’s head for nearly two hours. His very proud mom, Bernette, took the photo of Louis doing that. And the photo has drawn praise nationwide.

2. 18-year-old Piper Christian may be young, but she’s trying to make sure her generation is heard. Piper recently spearheaded a group of young people in Utah to push for legislation on climate change. And after finally getting it passed through the House and Senate, Governor Gary Herbert officially signed a resolution this past March as Piper’s group stood close by.

3. Teenager Andrea Salazar survived cancer but she wanted to inspire others with cancer. Andrea lost all her hair from chemotherapy, so she had a photo shoot set up with the words: Cancer doesn’t stop me from being a princess.

Andrea was a model before getting cancer, and when she lost all her hair, she lost all of her confidence. But then she realized that she was not going to let cancer beat her out of anything, including modeling. And the idea for the photo shoot was born.

4. A whale swam right toward Ivan Iskenderian’s boat in Sydney’s Middle Harbour. And when it rose from the waters right next to the boat, Ivan noticed something very odd… and frightening.

The whale had a plastic bag and some fishing line stuck near its mouth. When the whale rose from the waters again, Ivan didn’t hesitate. He reached out and pulled those off of it.

The young whale flapped its fins on the water when the debris was removed, apparently signaling his thanks to the young man who helped him.

5. 64-year-old Sandee Ramsey, of Seymour, Indiana, awoke one January morning to find that a heavy blanket of snow was covering the outside. A few minutes later, her doorbell rang, and there stood three teen boys. They asked her if they could shovel her driveway and sidewalk. When Sandee asked how much they were charging, she was shocked by their answer.

The teens said: Nothing. It’s free. We just want to help some people out today.

So they cleared her driveway and sidewalks, but Sandee wasn’t about to let a very good deed go unrewarded. She brought them into her warm home and made them some hot chocolate.

6. In the UK, Zoe Blenkinsop was bullied when she was a young teen with scoliosis. Kids would taunt her and say terrible things. But a few years later, Zoe had her spine fix and, at the still-young-age of 19, was modeling at fashion shows… and just look at her now.….

Just goes to show that anyone can show up their bullies.

7. Kevuntez sells newspapers on the street corners of Memphis, Tennessee. And he’s serving as a beacon of hope for others. Kevuntez grew up in a home with only his mother to care for him, and she taught him many positive things, like being independent.

So when he turned 12, he started selling newspapers, and he’s been doing it ever since. But mostly, he’s been staying away from all the bad influences that could easily creep into a young person’s life.

And now, Keventez, who made $200 every Sunday selling papers on those Memphis streets, will soon be going to Tennessee State University. And he has enough money to pay for the education all by himself.

8. In Liverpool, 15-year-old Liam Roberts is given 5 pounds a week as an allowance. He uses that money each week to buy a pan of scouse, which is lamb or beef stew, cooks it and puts it in trays.

He then covers those trays with paper, and a message that says: God bless and stay safe.

He then works with other volunteers to hand the food out to the homeless who have gathered at the city center. Liam says he “hates seeing people suffering,” and believes being homeless should not happen…. and amen to that.

9. In Melrose, Massachusetts, Rick Parker LOVED carrying his 75-pound boy, 9-year-old, Sam, up the stairs to bed. He did it because Sam has cerebral palsy, and it was also a great way for them to bond.

But Rick developed a heart condition, and his doctor told him, no more of those carries. Well that hurt Rick quite a bit. But he still needed a way to get Sam up those stairs.

When local teenager Rudy Favard learned about this, he offered to help. So now, every night, Rudy takes some time out of whatever he’s doing, comes to Rick’s house, and carries Sam up to his bed.

10. Alicia Anderson was diagnosed with Wilson’s disease when she was 16, and has been confined to a wheelchair ever since. During her graduation, though, she was determined to so something very special for all of her family in attendance.

At the side of the graduation stage, she slowly stepped out of her wheelchair and carefully walked across the stage to accept her diploma.

The entire school erupted in cheers, and Alicia’s entire family was smiling ear to ear… through a lot of tears.

We are sure you enjoyed the above stories… watch for more: https://youtu.be/eOOLaKYgC1M

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