Homeless Man Gives Back To The Woman Who Helped Him During His Bad Times.

The homeless man’s sign stuck with ShelbyLynn. It read: “Need a little help. Will pay it forward.”

ShelbyLynn, a realtor, stopped her truck on the chilly winter’s drive home and handed the man in dingy clothes three $20 bills wrapped in her business card. He accepted her money, but there was something about him… he had a shameful look in his eyes. So ShelbyLynn said a quite prayer for the man and drove away, hoping the money she gave him would get him through at least the next few days.

Several months passed through the year, and ShelbyLynn would sometimes wonder if that homeless man got back on his feet again. In September, she would find out. One day she got a call from a man wanting to look at one of the houses she had on the market. When they met at a house later, the man got out of his truck and he looked familiar. It was that homeless man she had given money to back in the winter. But his clothes were so different… a collared shirt with nice jeans and boots… and his face… it was clean-shaven.

ShebyLynn initially thought he might have scammed her for that money back during the winter. But that was… far from the case. The man only wanted to meet again with ShelbyLynn to return something, giving her the exact $20 bills she had given HIM 9 months before, along with the business card she had wrapped them in.

He told her that back then, his wife had just left him and took everything he owned… had run off with another man. And back then, he didn’t really need a handout…. he needed help. Soon after ShebyLynn handed him the three $20 bills in her business card, the man got the help he so desperately needed. He was now…. again… working as an engineer for a great company. He had a new truck, and his life was good again. And he never forgot how kind ShelbyLynn was to him during those dark days, so he wanted to repay her the best way he could.

A friend of his was looking to buy a new home, so he guided him to ShelbyLynn to get that new home. The man had kept his promise that he had written on that sign many months before. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/jMl0WAzT4HA?t=78

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