Husband REACTS When People Refuse To Give Up Their Seat For His Pregnant Wife

When a woman gets deep into a pregnancy, her husband, boyfriend, friends and even strangers will do things for her to make her as comfortable as possible. That’s just the way it should be. Again… that’s the way it should be. She’s carrying a life inside her and that life can be a little strange and heavy on her. She feels awkward. Her ankles swell and her back hurts. And standing for long periods of time can absolutely exhaust her. She needs kind-hearted people around her who understand what she’s going through. Even the simplest of gestures can make a huge difference to a woman carrying such precious cargo. Unfortunately, that doesn’t always happen. Unfortunately, there are far too many in the world these days who think only of themselves, and never offer a helping hand to those who truly need it.

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In Hegang, China, a husband accompanied his very pregnant wife to the hospital to see her doctor. The waiting room to see the doctor was apparently filled up, so the couple had to wait out in the hallway. There were many people out there as well, and all the chairs in that part of the hallway were filled. Most of the people in the hallway had their eyes locked to their phones, which seems to be the way of the world now, and nobody was looking up and around them. The husband could see that all the chairs were taken in their area. So, for his wife’s sake, he got to the floor and bent over, becoming a human chair so his wife could take the weight off her feet. At some point, he passed his bottle of water up to his wife so she could quench her thirst.

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For quite a while, the husband held this position to alleviate the strain on his wife, as she held onto the wall railing in front of her. And, for quite a while, no one else offered the woman their chair. They may have taken a glance or two, but, ultimately, they stayed glued to their phones. After viewing the video of this, police in the area commended the husband for his valiant actions to his wife. And when the video hit social media, there were similar comments.

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One person said: ‘The husband can hold up skies. Kudos to him.’ Another said: ‘I felt ashamed of myself while watching the man sitting down. I didn’t treat my wife so well when she was pregnant.’ Some did argue, however, that there were open chairs down at the end of the hallway. But that was quite a distance away from the doctor’s office, and they would not have heard the wife’s name called when it was her time to see the doctor. It’s actually quite a telling tale of how our world is today. Perhaps the simplest thing we can do as a society is give our PHONES a rest for awhile, and offer to help others whenever we can.

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