Juvenile Caught Stealing From Store Is Given A DIFFERENT Kind Of Punishment.

As I was paying for gas, I saw a police officer pull up getting ready to arrest this juvenile. I asked the store clerk what did he do, & she shared with me “he had stolen some items out of the store & he needs to learn his lesson”. I asked the officer before he arrest him, can I speak with the child? He said sure. While speaking with the child, he realized what he had done was wrong & I shared with him that our actions come with consequences that are not always favorable. The child was very remorseful & apologetic. Sensing the child was sincere, I then asked the officer in lieu of detainment, can I offer a “different” type of punishment? He stated sure. I then made the child do 150 push-ups right there. After struggling to finally get done, he got up and I gave him a hug! I told him “you’re not perfect & neither am I….We all have to learn from our mistakes & wrongdoings & strive to be better.” His final words to me were “thank you for caring about me”. 

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