Kind Cashier Pays For Groceries When Customer Was Short On Cash.

At a Publix grocery store in Fairburn, Georgia late last year, a man stood at the checkout line watching the customer in front of him fumble with the cash that he had on him to pay for his groceries. But it just wasn’t enough… it wasn’t near enough. And that customer struggled… not knowing what to do.

But the cashier there, Sierra Johnson, seemed to know exactly what to do. With hardly any hesitation at all, Sierra reached for her purse under the counter, got out a credit card and paid the remainder of that customer’s bill. The customer was so thankful, and Sierra smiled… she felt good that she could help someone. And that man who had watched it happen behind the customer thought what a wonderful person Sierra really was.

As it turned out, the very next day, while that man who had witnessed something very special the night before was in Walmart’s, a customer came up short on their bill at the checkout. And, without any hesitation, that man pulled out his wallet and covered the bill for that customer.

Says that unidentified man: “I feel great knowing that I did something good. Blessings go up and they do come down.”

So the next time you see someone struggling to pay for something, no matter where you are it’s your golden opportunity to be part of what’s good in this world.

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/qTBXioItqAo?t=330 

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