Man Carved A Road Through A Mountain To Help People Reach Doctors In Time.

Dashrath Manjhi was something of an outcast, but he worked hard in India. He and others lived in some rocky terrain in northern India, and would have to walk long and far over a mountain to get to their workplace on a farm to till the fields. Those long travels would often result in accidents to his people, including his wife.

No one else was going to fix the problem, so Dashrath decided to do something about it himself. He sold his goats and bought a hammer, a chisel and a crowbar. Then he walked to the mountain top, and went to work. He hammered and he chiseled, and he used the crowbar. And after a while, he was no longer an outcast, and the other villagers began respecting what he was doing. And what he was DOING was carving a road through that mountaintop.

One year passed, then two. Then, his wife died. That angered him but it spurred him on even more. Then, after 10 years, other villagers pitched in to help him. Finally, after 22 years of digging and carving, Dashrath had created a road splitting the mountaintop. Then, in his village, he became known as “Baba,” the revered man. 

We are sure you enjoyed the above story… watch for more: https://youtu.be/-YXqAzo2WJk?t=135

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