Man Takes His Service Dog To Prison To Meet Someone Special.

Bill Campbell served in the Iraq war. And when he came home, some of the devastation of it came with him. He had a concussive and traumatic brain injury, and with it, he was 100 percent disabled. His family was extremely concerned about his quality of life.

Fortunately, he received a service dog, and that dog has helped Bill in more ways than anyone could imagine. The dog, named Pax, has been trained to help those who suffer from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Bill quickly grew very fond of Pax and really wanted to meet with the person who trained him. And he was very determined to do so.

So he traveled with Pax to Bedford Hills Women’s Correctional Facility to meet with her. Her name is Lauri, and Pax immediately pounced on her when she showed up. Lauri was pretty happy to see him as well. Lauri then took Bill and Pax inside the facility to show how the women there were training service dogs. Lauri told Bill that Pax also changed HER life.

Says Lauri: “I knew when they told me when he was going into PTSD training that he was going to make somebody feel the sense of freedom that he gave me in a place where I was supposed to be everything but… I realized, by giving me Pax and by taking him from me. He had given me the greatest gift that anyone has ever given me my entire life. He had restored a piece of my soul.”

Lauri was brought to tears in her meeting with Pax, apparently a very special dog. 

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