Mother’s Facebook Plea When Everyone Rejected Her Invitation For Her Daughter’s Birthday Party.

Nothing could be more special than seeing your child smile. Birthday’s are those special days when your children are the happiest. Balloons, confetti, cake, gifts and all your friends there. But what if no one shows up to your kids birthday, as a parent what would you do? and here are 10 stories of kids who had no one show up at their birthday parties.

1. Mackenzie Moretter, 10 years old from Shakopee, Minnesota was born with a rare genetic disorder called Sotos syndrome which affects her overall development, and because of this she had difficulty in making friends. The only kids she played with were her brother and sister’s friends. April 18th was her 10th birthday, and she had given out 10 invitations, but sadly no one accepted and Mackenzie’s mother Jenny was heart broken.

Jenny decided to do something about this, she wrote a Facebook post, asking other parents of their kids would like to come to Mackenzie’s birthday.

Within hours, the Moretter family home was flooded with hundreds of kids and their parents, not just that, the news went viral and the local bakers provided free cupcakes.

To top it off, the mayor of the city Brad Tabke issued a proclamation declaring Saturday April 18th as “Mackenzie Moretter Day”

2. Roman Povey of Newton Abbot, Devon was turning 11 and when his mother asked who he’d like to invite to his birthday party, his reply was “what’s the point”.

Roman has been having difficulty making friends in school because he’s extremely shy and has delayed speech. In the last 7 years, he’s only received 1 birthday invite. And his birthday’s usually end up as a “no show”. He’s become so lonely and sad that he has to cry himself to sleep.

His mother Molly couldn’t afford to see her son this way. She made an plea on facebook and set up a campaign for her son. In about 12 hours, her post went absolutely viral.

This year for Roman’s birthday, he received cards and gifts not just from his classmates, but from complete strangers living in Dubai, Denmark, Austria, Egypt, New Zealand, Germany and Norway. It’s been the best 11th birthday ever.

3. Gerald Hamilton, is a 9 year old boy who lives in Lake Station, Indiana. He’s a very kind and compassionate kid. On April 02nd, he was all excited to celebrate his birthday and had given out 30 invites, out of which 12 RSVP’d yes. But sadly no one turned up. He waited hours for someone to at least come. Geralds mom called the kids’ parents and they had something shocking to say. They said Gerald is just too different for our kids to hang around with.

Gerald was born without a soft spot on his head, Gerald requires skull expansion surgery every couple of years to give his brain room to grow. Consequently, he has also had development issues. Gerald’s grandmother posted the incident on Facebook and received tremendous support from the community. The local police officers along with their K9 dogs, the local fireman and even the city council all got together and threw Gerald an impromptu birthday party.

4. Young Mahlon Layne is described by his mother as ‘naturally funny, easy to please and looks at life with hope and optimism… the kid who would give the shirt off of his back to a stranger, hand over a beloved toy to make another child smile.’ But despite this, not one single child from school or Mahlon’s Taekwondo class came to his birthday party.

‘He handed out multiple invitations to his friends at school, and one [friend] from Taekwondo, and eagerly counted down the days, hours, and minutes until his birthday,’ ‘When his birthday finally arrived yesterday, he was up before the sun. He hung streamers, blew up balloons, cleaned his room, took a bath, picked out his outfit, set the table, and carefully assembled the treat bags for his friends. ‘”Only three more hours until my friends arrive,” he yelled. “This is the happiest day of my life, Momma. I can’t wait until my friends get here!”‘

But sadly no one did. Ever since the story went public, Mahlon has been surprised with boat loads of gifts and birthday cards from all around the world from parents and kids who share similar stories and know what it feels like.

5. In July, Camden Eubank turned 10 years old and all he wanted for his birthday party was 2000 balloons, lots of kids and a water balloon fight. But the problem was that Camden was home-schooled and had no friends. He suffers from a speech disorder and has trouble pronouncing words.

His mother Traci Eubank sent out a message on Facebook asking for people to come and help her celebrate Camden’s 10th birthday in Troutville, Virginia.

To her surprise, hundreds of people turned up and even the Troutville Fire Department took an interest and brought their truck and used their fire hose to soak all the kids during the water fight.

People who couldn’t make it, sent their love via Amazon delivery. Camden received gifts from Brazil, Germany, China and Canada.

6. Claire Newman-Minns, 34, of Hessle in the East Riding of Yorkshire, made a desperate Facebook appeal for cards for her son Tyler’s 13th birthday, because she feared he would have nothing to open on his special day. Tyler, who has a high-functioning form of autism has lost contact with his friends as he had to leave school because of his special education needs.

Claire who has 5 children including Tyler wanted him to feel as special on his birthday as her other kids. Tyler got a cake, bicycle and a room full of presents and cards and was extremely happy and overjoyed.

7. Rachelle Briannan of Melbourne, Australia was heart broken when nobody showed up on her son Taenon’s 4th birthday party. She resorted to post on a mother’s group on Facebook how devastated she felt and was all in tears.

Facebook arranged children to go to Mcdonals restaurant in Eltham, Melbourne to celebrate Taenon’s birthday. Many people turned up for the celebration. Facebook was flooded with wishes for Taenon which touched the hearts of many across Australia and beyond.

8. Keira Evas of Bunbury , Australia wanted to make her son’s 13th birthday extra special. Zane Evans suffers from Cerebral Palsy and finds it difficult to make friends. If there is anything he loves – its motor bikes.

Mum Keira took to Facebook and posted a special request for anyone and everyone who rides a Harley Davidson to stop by McDonald’s in Eaton around 12:40 in the afternoon and perhaps rev their engines, 100’s of bikers came to show their support for Zane’s special day. Did drive-by’s, rev their engines and even sang happy birthday.

A few bikers even brought gifts for Zane like a Harley helmet and a Harley t-shirt.

9. Lisa Jackson, 43, mother of Ben, 10, says despite having a “heart of gold” her son struggles to make friends because of his high-functioning autism.

Lisa posted on Facebook asking members of the public to send Ben cards for his 11th birthday. Her post got over 20000 likes and Ben received thousands of cards.

Ben’s local police and fire brigade planned special outings for him, a Portsmouth FC community worker presented him with a football, a pizza firm sent him free pizzas, some well wishers bought him an iPad and a community group organized his 11th birthday bash.

Lisa’s request got an overwhelming response and they received sackfuls of cards and parcels and made Ben’s birthday super special.

10. Angela Andrews, and 10-year-old Toxey were heartbroken when none of the 21 kids they invited turned up at Toxey’s birthday party.

Arkansas State Troopers armed with gifts and cake surprised Toxey on his special day. The officers cut Toxey’s birthday cake and played basketball with him. Toxey was very happy to celebrate his birthday with them.

Angela was so overwhelmed by the officers kind gesture. She thanked them from the bottom of her heart for making her son’s birthday so special. 

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