Neighbors Displays A New Scene Each Day With Their Halloween Decorations

There are a couple of holidays you would normally see a home decorated up. For instance, Christmas is a big holiday where homes are littered with lights and familiar faces like Santa Claus. Likewise, Halloween is another big holiday that triggers people to go out and gather decorations to throw out on their front lawn.

Halloween is full of spooky decorations. From witches, spiders, and bats, there are all sorts of unique decor you can pick up for your front lawn. Still, some houses go out a little more than others with their lights and lawn objects. For one neighbor, there is something unique to see not just every year in October leading up to Halloween but something new every day. 

One neighborhood home decided to feature skeletons in their lawn. It’s nothing out of the ordinary as we typically see skeletons all over for the Halloween spirit. The difference here is that the skeletons are displayed each day with something new to look at.

For instance, one day you may see a skeleton being arrested by the fashion police, sunbathing, break dancing, or simply doing day-to-day chores like taking out some garbage. It’s all good clean fun that the neighbors can enjoy seeing each day. 

Do you decorate for any holidays in particular? Perhaps hearing about this neighborhood tradition will spark an interest in doing something similar for the next Halloween season.

Source: Twitter

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